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Nevada, USA

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North America


The V-Rooms provider has been offering virtual data room services for over a decade. Companies that already own the platform are happy to make deals and work more conveniently.The instrument can handle even such a complex transaction as mergers and acquisitions. There are banks, legal services organizations, and accountants among the customers. The portals are available 24/7 as well as technical support. The V-Rooms clients never regret their choice. Companies do not want to come back to using physical ones. For that kind of storage they allocated considerable costs for rent, paper, and staff who guarded all their data. The online platform is cheaper and much more efficient to work with. There is not only a storage function here but dozens of others that provide convenience. As businesses always aim to comfort, the number of virtual data room clients is increasing. Any document from the database is accessible from any location. The exchange of sensitive data no longer takes a lot of time and does not cause worries. The provider ensures security by integrating more and more new security features and being compliant with international standards. Developers of a quality virtual data room never stop developing. V-Rooms follow the innovations in information technology and meet modern standards. By choosing V-Rooms, you choose reliability and progress.


Collecting,organizing, and sharing data is what the platform does well. The drag and drop function allows you to work with a large number of files at the same time.Those that you often use can be pinned for quick access. Administrators set the level of access to files or folders. They can limit the session time. Then the program logs the user out of the virtual room. Two-Step Verification is another way of protection from third parties. Document history is data about unloading,changes, and other operations. After the conclusion of a transaction, all relevant data is archived and stored.


Technical support is an important aspect even if the virtual room is used by people with high ITskills. During the deal making, sometimes problems arise that need quick and high-quality solutions. You cannot always cope on your own. That is why providers offer expert assistance. V-Rooms offer several tariff plans. Every company can get a free trial period. The offers differ in price and function.Some service packages do not include technical support. If users want to insure themselves against unforeseen situations, then it is better to pay for packages with this feature. The working hours of the technical support team also depend on the tariff plan. Sometimes these are business hours and only via email. In another case, around the clock, seven days a week and via the phone. But regardless of this, be sure of the professionalism and individual approach ofthe V-Rooms team.


In the virtual data room,the user searches for business solutions. The providers offer various products that can meet the needs of different industries. In this regard, V-Rooms VDR is versatile . You will be amazed how easy a M&A transaction can be. Files and folders are organized. You can find the data you need at any time without wasting much time. These are great benefits for all parties to the transaction. Lots of data and dealing with it are no longer a problem. Automated processes save time and speed up transactions. Access control is the key to security.Third parties, competitors, hackers have no chance. Thanks to the implementation of all kinds of security functions, the owner of workspaces is confident in security. At the slightest suspicion, managers can throw the useror guest out of the virtual room. Managers track the work of all employees by receiving activity reports.