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New York, USA

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Transcend TransPerfect is a leading virtual data room provider. Customers get storage and tools to work efficiently and without slowdowns. The quality of any product can be shown by the number of customers. The Transcend platform is used by about a thousand companies around the world. That is due to its versatility. Users perform dozens of actions on the platform every day. Security protocols protect every single file.

Since this virtual data room is known all over the world, it is available in 170 languages. The interface is simple.Even a rookie can manage files and folders. While developing the design, the creators took into account all the disadvantages of the previously created virtual data rooms. The tool is still being improved based on user feedback.Training usually takes no more than half an hour. A due diligence transaction requires the parties to ensure the security of data and the convenience of working on documents. To meet all these needs, companies turn to Transcend. Thus, they not only facilitate the conclusion of the deal but also increase their authority in the eyes of partners. An activity tracking tool helps you to monitor the activities of your colleagues. It is a way to improve performance.But besides, this function also helps to track the interests of potential buyers and investors.


The provider complies with SSAE 16 SOC 2. Your data integrity and protection are at the proper level. The documents are confidential at all stages. Next-generation encryption – Next Generation Cryptography.A new branch of development in the field of data protection. NGN methods are used to protect data. It is an integrated approach that combines various data security algorithms. That is, data protection includes several levels:encryption of transmitted information, device authorization, authorization, and data integrity check.HIPAA certification validates a provider’s ability to protect personal health data. Healthcare is an avid user of TransPerfect.


The solutions offered by the provider promise companies more efficiency and easiness in work processes. Data protection is no longer an issue. The developers have implemented the most modern technologies to prove that. The document is safe even after you send it to the recipient. Load balancing optimizes the time required for the operation. Your requests on the platform are served much faster than on other virtual data room platforms. All workspaces run smoothly and there are no overloaded ones. The quality of work does not depend on the number of user son the platform. Regardless of how many people are necessary there for a particular task, the groundbreaking tool will provide smooth and free operation. Real-time tracking is the ability of managers to monitor both virtual data room users and projects. If something goes wrong, the manager indicates an error, and it is possible to fix it in time.


A significant advantage of the provider is the availability of technical support.Whichever industry is involved, every organization can face problems. Sometimes this happens outside of business hours. Some companies are unable to ask for help in this case. After all, it is available on certain days and hours.TransPerfect went for a different approach. A team of experts is ready to support the user when needed. In the middle of the night and on a day off.Customers of this provider appreciate the high level of service provision.Professionals solve problems in minutes. That is not a problem as they know theplatform inside out. Once you face a problem, they know the cause of it and how to fix it. You can call or email anytime. No later than five minutes later, you are already in touch with technical support. “24/7” on the provider’s website is always a quality mark.