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SmartRoom VDR

Los Angeles, USA

Market Presence:
North America



Starting the development of SmartRoom virtual data rooms, the creators took as a basis the security and increased productivity of organizations. The platform simplifies business not only for the client company but also for its partners. Thanks to this, cooperation brings more results because all processes go without a hitch. The list of deals that the SmartRoom team helps to conclude isquite long and consists of challenging transactions.

As you know, both startups and corporations always need a multifunctional tool for working with documents. In the era of physical data repositories, doing business and paperwork was difficult. As soon as virtual data rooms hit the market, business people began to realize how much time and effort they were wasting. SmartRoom is a perfect choice for small, medium, and large businesses.Each industry can find solutions here. Protection and usability are always guaranteed.

Theplatform takes top positions in the ratings. Despite this, the provider sets affordable prices, unlike other service providers. The functions necessary for a modern business turn the work of any team into a streamlined mechanism,without any chaos. Developers have found a way to manage information so that data owners feel confident and secure. The availability of 24/7 technical support shows the commitment of the SmartRoom team. User reviews are proof of quality.


Implemented Microsoft Office provides the ability to work with the entire suite of applications in workspaces. A mobile application is access to data and staying in touch with colleagues at any time. Whichever device the client uses, the information is protected. The electronic signature feature eliminates the need to arrange meetings for signing contracts. Do it right on the platform. Managers control access to the virtual data room. Moreover, they can control access at the level of a specific file. For example, prevent viewing, printing, orediting.


SmartRoom customers are confident that their data is protected every second. Administrators are always aware of everything that happens in the company. They receive this information in the form of reports in real-time. The way to protect copyright is watermarking. Nobody can use documents with such marks to their advantage. They are the property of the company. Also, the developer has built-in a function to disable screenshots. Virus scanning is the timely detection of malware. That reduces the chances of the most professional hackers or third parties. The encryption system is trustworthy here. Cascade encryption is more secure than conventional encryption. To decrypt a specific file, you need keys that are suitable for that particular document only. The expiration date applies to data too. Thus, after the expiration of the settime, no one can use the document in any way.


Mergers and acquisitions are a transaction that requires a lot of time, effort, and attention. Companies trust SmartRoom for the exchange of confidential data because they find all kinds of information security tools here. This instrument is also suitable for private equity capital. It also deals with large amounts of data that should not be compromised. These companies deal with due diligence quite often. Communication with investors, drawing up, and sending reports takes place on the platform. Legal organizations trust only reliable providers to store and exchange data. They usually offer capacious storage, highly secured so as not to jeopardize the secrets of court cases or clients of legal agencies. This program also solves problems that arise during the restructuring process,initial public offering, and many others. All tools built by developers instill trust and confidence in security. TheSmartRoom team found the solutions that the business has needed for many years.