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ShareVault is a leading provider of secure communications and reliable storage. Companies use the functions of this platform to support teams. This Innovation significantly affects all workflows. The influence is always positive. ShareVault is one of the few providers that has decided to protect data from more than just intruders. It so happened that business people cannot always be confident in their partners. Therefore, on this platform, your documents are protected even from them.

The level of protection, which a client of this virtual data room gets,is trusted by many internationally renowned corporations. The implementation of many security measures does not mean complex tool management. Operating in workspaces is quick and easy. Getting used to virtual rooms happens quickly and without a hitch. In just a few days, ShareVault customers are becoming confident users. The arduous work of the developers was not in vain. Otherwise,the number of customers of this service provider would not increase.

The ShareVault team’s service delivery doesn’t end with buying theplatform. The technical support team guarantees their assistance when needed.Here we see another advantage. With virtual data rooms, the company is not left head-to-head with problems. During transactions, the parties receive high-quality support without any delays. Many industries are pinning their hopes on this program. Fortunately, none of them regret their choice.


  • Remote shredder. Data management even after sending it. Nobody can use documents without your knowledge;
  • A screenshot is a prohibited feature. Screen sharing programs are also powerless in this case;
  • Files can also have their expiration date. The manager sets the date and time. After expiration, the document is not subject to viewing and other actions;
  • Watermarks;
  • No printing in PDF format. Thus, creating a digital copy of the document is not possible;
  • The application of IRM systems is to protect confidential and other essential corporate information;
  • The platform is available on all devices that you use every day.


RackSpace is the guardian of your storage. This program monitors theplatform around the clock. Threats and suspicious activities are identified in advance. The presence of certificates not only confirms the quality of the virtual data room but also inspires the confidence of users. Many industries deal with their clients’ privacy. Compliance with international standards guarantees the security of this information. Two-Step Verification is a sign-in using additional code. Only authorized users receive the combination of numbers via SMS required to log in. Granular Permissions allows the manager to distribute access for each user. These permissions can be based on the assignment of each employee or the data value. Each employee is endowed with the ability to view, edit, add anydata. The Permission Groups feature performs the same function, but on the principle of distributing staff into groups. Customer Managed Encryption Keys are another layer of protection for your data.

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The ShareVault provider offers the perfect solution to simplify your due diligence transaction. Here safety is more important than ever. Compliance with standards confirmed by worldwide organizations gives the parties to the transaction the right to have confidence in this product. Access to data by unauthorized persons is not a problem anymore.Sometimes during the transaction, some persons are dropped out. With ShareVault, managers don’t have to worry about illegal document use. AES-256bit encryption prevents this in every possible way. The following solution is useful for M&A transactions, finding investors, tracking activities. The ability to monitor everything related to the relationship between your virtual data room and their visitors is a tool of control and analytics. The problem of unauthorized changes to documents has been resolved once and for all. Files are converted to PDF format. As you know, this format does not allow editing.