Secure File Sharing

Secure File Sharing

Digitalization has covered all spheres of human life. Every day we exchange messages and photos, sometimes without even thinking about the illegal use of these materials. However, the issue of security is still critical to the business. The success of a company today is impossible without online tools, and even more so without secure document sharing. Keeping in touch with colleagues and clients, cooperating with partners, the work of the organization today directly depends on the chosen virtual assistant.
Confidence in data security also means ease of use. As a customer of any software provider, you should have no difficulty in managing features and storage.
There is a large number of office programs that are more or less in demand among companies. As it turned out, most of them are not intended for storing confidential data, secure file sharing, and making deals. As a result, there is a high risk of hacking and leakage of the most valuable resource.

VDR is the high-security solution

Virtual data rooms could be put alongside other storage if there were not some differences. Among the common characteristics is the possibility to exchange files of any format using the first device available. As for the distinct points, it is the data protection system that even banks and world-famous corporations trust.
The advantages of data rooms do not end there because it is also a platform for paperwork and making deals (in addition to storage). Some companies use it on a full-time basis. That simplifies daily tasks, transactions, and partnerships. Also, VDR users always have everything they need at hand. They can be anywhere, so the location does not affect their performance.
Built-in functions are a tool for managers to assign tasks and responsibilities to employees. High-quality work organization increases discipline within the team.

Differences between virtual data rooms and other storages:

● online spaces for team collaboration,
● features for data safety: watermarks for copyright protection, restrictions on the use of data by time or IP address,
● professional support 24/7 in case of problems or questions,
● access to data under protection regardless of the device used,
● ease of platform management without lengthy training courses.

Centralized management

The virtual data room dashboard is a crucial tool for managers. They can distribute tasks and monitor their progress by tracking the activity of team members. Thus, the conclusion of transactions and project implementation are always under the supervision of managers.

Perfect data control

The platform is a reliable means of data control at any stage of the transaction or any other operation involving cooperation with external partners. The provider offers an environment for secure file sharing, which you manage. It is possible through creating special groups that are allowed a certain level of access to the contents of the repository. You can revoke it at any time (for example, in case of suspicious actions by other users). The manager is responsible for permission to view, distribute, print, or download files.

Virtual Data Room Secure File Sharing

Automatic sync

Synchronization from any other devices is available, including multi-folder sync. Virtual Data Rooms will automatically update data so that users are not looking for the latest document, which saves time.

VDR for a project team

The web-based software brings together all groups engaged on one virtual platform. This way, managers can track progress and spot misdeeds in good time.
Among the advantages offered by providers are:

● one-way sync for content syndication,
● two-way synchronization,
● access restricted by IP address,
● one-time sharing (invitations that are limited in time),
● role-based rights that enable creating shared folders.

No data security threats

A provider is worth the customer’s trust only if data security is a primary value. That can be easily verified by reviewing the corresponding functions. There should be two-step authentication, built-in antivirus, data encryption, activity tracking. And on top, digital restrictions management encryption, which keeps both Microsoft files and PDFs intact. Therefore, virtual data room users have no restrictions on how to secure their platform. They manage permissions for printing, distributing, editing documents. Files sent to the recipient may become unavailable at any time, as soon as the owner just clicks the button in the settings to do that. Providers refer to this function as a remote wipe. You can also make some data blocked for sharing.

Virtual Data Room Secure File Sharing

Multi-platform secure sharing

Virtual Data Room developers make the tool available on all devices. Windows and Mac operating systems support software. Mobile applications do not limit you in choosing a place to work. Usually, the remote wipe function is also available here. If the device is damaged or stolen, you can delete everything to prevent illegal use.

A safe interface

Providers always guarantee secure data rooms and protected data exchange that does not depend on the device you choose for working. We have already mentioned that even a phone is safe to operate on the platform. The history of user logs and other activities is available for administrators in the report. To manage files and folders, you never need to install additional programs and plugins.

The most detailed audit

With the help of the platform, administrators are aware of every step of other users and logins. It is the way to ensure the transparency of all actions and data exchanges. Besides, the organization always complies with generally accepted standards and is prepared for inspections at any time. Easy access to data is not a problem, much more challenging to make it secure for authorized users and impenetrable for third parties. Secure file sharing from providers of virtual data rooms is the best offer on the market so far. This feature is considered a must-have for businesses today. VDR is the leader in the rankings of the best tools for directors. Moreover, it saves time and money.