Secure File Sharing

Secure File Sharing

We live in a digital world with lots of secret data flying back and forth – Excel file reports, presentations, spreadsheets, photos, Screenshots, as well as audio files, images, and other documents. As a result, we cannot imagine any service, vendor or platform that does not require a secure file sharing place online. People have to collaborate with colleagues, customers, clients, partners and other professionals on a day-to-day basis. As with any confidential data, file sharing must not be only carefully controlled, but it should be also an easy to use solution. Not long ago there appeared cloud services, offering secure place online. But it soon occurred that the security and functional options offered by such cloud services were not enough for sensitive data and serious transaction deals since they did not meet corporate-level security and compliance mandates.

A VDR: A Highly Secure Cloud-Based File Sync & Share Solution

A virtual data room (VDR) is an advanced version of a typical cloud storage service. Generally, any cloud storage lets you upload, keep, manage, share and download files, photos, documents, and videos using numerous devices – iPhones, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and PCs. When it comes to virtual data room, this solution provides military- level security of data sharing and managing capabilities. The other important thing to mention about VDR is that it offers a complete online workspace for teams, even when they are geographically located in different parts of the world. There are various sharing capabilities, where you can decide who can do what within your platform. To protect against unwanted data leaks, dealmakers can put special watermarks on their highly secure documents.

The key advantages the VDRs offer when comparing to typical could storages are the following:

  • Shared team workspaces
  • Numerous document protection options: time and IP restriction, digital watermarks, and etc
  • FTP alternative for large file transfer
  • Secure file access for BYOD (bring your own device) users
  • Synchronization across devices, platforms and offices
  • Easy to learn, easy to use
  • 24/7 live support.

Therefore, it may be concluded that virtual data rooms improve productivity and collaboration between teams, partners, and customers.

Central Management

Any trustworthy virtual data room includes a comprehensive central management dashboard, which is specially created to make the whole process of deal -making smoother, easier and more effective. Generally, such dashboard allows administrators to manage, review, monitor and support individual service users.

Full Control over Valuable Data

The virtual data room enables to have full control over crucial data both during teams collaboration and cooperation with external partners, experts and stakeholders. To set up shared project folders, user group permissions are leveraged. You can determine user privileges and decide which content is available to which people. The administrators can allow other users of the platform to open, view, download, print, copy-paste, or share corporate files. The advanced VDRs offer such a wonderful option as Digital Rights Management, which is automatically and uniformly applied across all users.

Virtual Data Room Secure File Sharing


Multiple Folder Synchronization

VDRs allow syncing folders between PC or laptop and the virtual data room folder, having data accessible and what is more important, – maintaining version control. Typically, any trustworthy VDR platform offers multi-folder sync. In other words, each folder can be easily selected for synchronization with a project folder.

Project Team Collaboration

The VDR is a real online working place for both one team located in different parts and third parties. The main features include:

  • State data access privileges and set time-limited and IP access
  • Single-way synchronization for file syndication
  • Bi-directional synchronization of folders on their devices with each other
  • One-time sharing option with time-limited invitation URLs
  • Role-based rights for letting users create shared project folders

The Risks Are Minimized, The Compliance Is Maximized

Data security is of key importance for any trusted VDR. Therefore, it includes not only data encryption, account theft and antivirus protection, remote data wipe, digital rights management (DRM), but also two-step authentication, several ways of document protection, as well as access and activity tracking. The leading VDRs enable DRM encryption, which protects Microsoft Office and PDF files. Thus, you can get full control over download, printing, copy, and screen capture. Plus, they also support a protected view of documents in browsers. Needless to add, access to shared documents in the advanced virtual data rooms can be revoked and removed. Finally, the files can be even “unshared” or made unavailable to revoke all accesses.

Virtual Data Room Secure File Sharing

Multi-Platform File Sharing

There are software solutions for Windows and Mac, and even Linux. Moreover, VDR can have mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices. Typically, the mobile program offers such feature as remote wipe functionality, allowing for deletion of synchronized data erase if the device is stolen or lost.

Secure Interface

In general, a VDR ensures that your file sharing activities will be 100% secured no matter if you are in the web or mobile app. The other neat thing about virtual data rooms is that absolutely no Java add-ons or other plugins to manage large file transfers are required. Any single file exchange is logged along with activity and IP addresses.

Granular Auditing

The VDR lets administrators log all data access and sync events for auditing purposes, providing full control and transparency over how and with whom data is shared. This is crucial for regulatory compliance and security purposes. Detailed audit logs keep the enterprise audit-ready, supporting stringent compliance regulations.

Modern digital business world means having all files on the go. The collaborative nature of business activities means the ability to securely yet easily distribute even the most valuable documents. Secure, easy and fast file synchronization and distributing makes the VDR one of major prerequisites for most corporations. Thus, it may be concluded that being an enterprise-level solution, a VDR simplifies everyday tasks, making deals run faster and bringing solid time and money savings.