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New York, USA

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North America, Europe, South America, Asia

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Intralinks virtual data rooms are the company of choice for high-value transactions. Unlike physical storage, an electronic platform provides functions for managing and protecting data. As a result, business transactions do not take as long as they used to. Intralinks customers improve the efficiency of staff using virtual data rooms. Each task here is easy to perform with full confidence in information security.

Why does a business choose this offer? As mentioned above, this is security. Organizations dealing with sensitive data cannot compromise their reputation. That is why they turn to this provider. A good virtual data room cannot be good if it is difficult to manage. It’s unlikely that the staff of any company has time for lengthy training and getting used to the program. Intralinks developers took this into account. They applied a fundamentally different approach to this issue. Experienced and newbies alike are good at managing the program and never have a hard time working. This provider differs from others because it offers round-the-clock support to each client. That means that as soon as the user faces difficulties,a team of specially trained people will immediately help to sort everything out. Intralinks clients do not limit themselves to the devices on which they are comfortable working. Workspaces are available on both your computer and your tablet or phone.


Why has Intralinks been considered the best platform? The team of thisservice company accompanies its clients at every stage of the transaction. From the very beginning to a successful conclusion, experts provide support in the preparation of the necessary documents. You can turn to these people for help in the middle of the night. The average waiting time for a response to are quest is 6 seconds. The company has received numerous awards. The best provider of the year is among them. There are several such awards.


The solutions offered by the provider serve as a means of completing tasks and closing deals. The demand for one or another platform depends on the quality of these solutions. Intralinks is popular as it helps in time-consuming transactions. For example, bankruptcy and restructuring. There is a large amount of documentation, many parties, the need to maintain communication between all parties to the case. Since all these tasks are now the responsibility of the provider, partners can focus on more significant issues.The program tracks and records all user actions. That makes it possible to prevent some consequences or to find the cause of errors. Built-in communication tools eliminate the need to use instant messengers. Here, the correspondence is protected, and there is no likelihood of hacking, as in the case of an e-mail box, for example. At any time, administrators can grant or restrict access to data.

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Improving team performance is a challenge for many businesses.Intralinks offers its solution. By acquiring virtual data rooms, the team of workers gains a place for collaboration and meeting. It doesn’t matter where each one is. With at least some kind of device and access to the Internet, they are always in touch. The notification system keeps everyone up to date. Users Receive notifications about new uploaded files, changes, meetings, platform guests. M&A deals, due diligence, IPOs, have become less troublesome to handle. Confidence in data protection, its inaccessibility to third parties,automated mechanisms for organizing files and folders have become decisive factors for customers. The paperwork in transactions has always been tiring and exhausting. The developers created the platform in such a way that it predicts every next user action. The clients of these virtual data rooms do not do the same tasks many times. Instead, well-established Intralinks mechanisms do it.