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London, UK

Market Presence:
North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Middle East, Oceania

Year Founded:


Imprima is a virtual data room from Britain. The provider is one of the leading, as ithas the professional experience and trust of most demanding customers. Managers worldwide prefer Imprima for due diligence, M&A deals, IPOs, and others. Business always turns to those tools that help save time and resources. This virtual data room is a kind of supporter that soon becomes an integral part of the team.

Built-in programs and functions are designed to get things done quickly. Not all virtual data rooms are easy to manage. Sometimes it takes some time to train the staff.Imprima developers have designed the program so that inexperienced users feel at ease from the very first minutes of working on the platform. There are no complicated things to get used to, so your colleagues will join the new work schedule without difficulties.

Clientsof this platform can work both in the office and anywhere else. There is no need to carry a laptop with you for this. The phone will serve fine. The mobile application works for all your needs. The level of data security does not depend on the device change. If your documents are under the supervision of Imprima, then no disaster will compromise their integrity. Disaster recovery of data prevents losses and allows you to work as usual.


Data encryption protects data outside the platform. Security works for all document formats, including emails.

Access to data is not controlled by the provider, but by the company manager. That helps to prevent the entry of third parties and also the human factor. Each employee has the level of access that corresponds to their job responsibilities. If a limited number of employees have access to the securities, then the likelihood of data leakage or other troubles is reduced. Communication tools in the virtual data room are also a preventative measure to keep you safe.


  • Moving data from Imprima is fast. The drag and drop function allows you to work with large amounts of data. Another feature that speeds up document operations is bulk download.
  • Q&A module is seamless communication between users in a virtual room. Communication during transactions is a great advantage.
  • Regardless of the format of the document, you can overlay watermarks on it. They identify the owner and prevent copyright infringement.
  • No additional plugins are required to install Imprima. You can use it from the moment of purchase.
  • The notification system keeps you and your colleagues updated on all events.
  • The platform is supported not only by all browsers but also by Mac and Android operating systems. It means that whatever device is close at hand, it is suitable for entering the virtual data room.
  • The platform is available in six languages. 
  • A document search is possible by date or title.


In an M&A transaction, Imprima helps buy time. In addition to tools for working with documents, the built-in Q&A module makes it possible to resolve issues about restructuring without delay. The program records allactions. This information is open in the form of reports. The virtual room makes the deal transparent and unquestionable on both sides. This tool is ideal for real estate transactions. Lots of securities can be managed as easily as if there were several of them. Choosing an investor and getting an investment can take a lot of time. That is because it is necessary to be well-versed not only in the types of investors but also in the methods and tools for attracting additional funds. The platform will become a reliable assistant even in this matter. Moreover, virtual data room owners always instill more trust in business partners. After all, they guarantee organization and transparency in a common cause.