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München, Germany

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More than a thousand companies useIdgard services worldwide. That is because the virtual data room is becoming an integral part of any team nowadays. Businesses need something to ease transactions and protect data. In addition to these solutions, Idgard also specializes in secure file exchange and communication between users. Even if they use the phone and are out of their office. Nothing dangerous can threaten them.

The Idgard VDR implementation differs from others because it is fast and easy. Once an organization enters into a contract with a provider, it gains access to all the benefits. After a few clicks, the installation is complete, and the program is ready to assist. No more software is required. Any browser is ok. For IOS and Android, there are Idgard apps with all the features available. The provider is client-oriented andsets a fixed price for one data room. The number of users and guests is not limited. It does not affect the quality of operation or cost. Technical support is available in several languages. Clients can ask questions over the phone and get an answer within a few minutes. Thus, there are no delays caused by this virtual data room in companies. Idgard is not only easy to use, but also provides support when needed.


The developers implemented the functions that are urgently needed by modern business. These are the following ones: 

  • The tools for communicating with colleagues, partners, investors within the virtual data room. Contacting someone is not only easy but also safe. The client offers group chats and the ability to exchange personal messages. 
  • The level of data protection is not compromised even if the customer is using the phone. 
  • Compliance with International Data Protection Regulation. 
  • Activity tracking improves the quality of the team’s work. It provides the ability to prevent unwanted situations.


There is no technical way to enter the platform. Only authorized users can enter the system. That is what they call the essence of the patented sealed storage. This tool is the provider’s thing. Customers are the only owners of the data. The developers provide security, and users manage access. They never worry about threats. Idgard complies with the General Data Protection Regulation, which is the most stringent privacy law. The creators have built-in metadata protection. For absolute security, it is not only the protection of the owner’s content that must be under control. Information about who communicates with whom is not available. As you know,attackers can use such data, which leads to negative consequences. 256-bit encryption protects all the files.

The “Read-only” function prevents unwanted operations on the document. The recipient can only view the document.The guests cannot make changes, use chat, make appointments in the schedule.


The healthcare, legal, and financial sectors are using the solutions offered by theIdgard provider. All those organizations cannot function well without reliable storage and convenient features. With its patented, sealed cloud, the platform has already earned the trust of many companies that value data.

Forall the beforementioned industries, there is always a problem with intellectual property protection. Idgard offers watermarks. Documents of a certain owner cannot be used by a third party for other purposes. They are marked with the company or owner’s name or other signs that identify the company. Managers have a free tool to track user activity. The Idgard client receives a convenient solution for team management, cooperation with partners, and search for investors.

Remote work in a virtual room used to be a problem, but with this provider, the issue is not relevant anymore. Users can work and communicate with colleagues anywhere using their phones.