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iDeals Virtual Data Room

New York, USA

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North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Middle East, Oceania

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iDeals is one of the most flexible solutions for handling deals of all complexity and variety. Regardless of your industry or deal type, you will be able to find features that expedite workflows and help get your deal or project done on time. One of the biggest reasons business professionals trust iDeals is the peace of mind that it provides. Once you upload a document into the iDeals virtual data room, you can be confident that it will remain safe and secure from both external and internal threats.

Even though the iDeals data room contains some innovative features to combat the threats mentioned above, they in no way impede productivity and collaboration. You will be able to share documents, ask questions, make comments and any other actions inside the data to get the job.Even though all of the participants might be dispersed over a wide geographic area, the data room will make it feel like you are all in the same room together. This will save you a lot of time and expenses associated with physically having to travel to a meeting. Keep in mind, that the data room will remain useful even after the project is over as a central document repository.


iDeals offers a totally free 30-day trial with Full functions and customer support. There is no obligation to signing a contract after trial. You totally decide to continue using iDeals Virtual Data Room or not.

  • 30 days of unlimited usage;
  • Live 1-on-1 with an expert;
  • 24/7 email & phone support;
  • Data room setup assistance;
  • Complimentary training;
  • Corresponding Price Offer;



Even if you have never used a virtual data room before, you will be able to get the iDeals data room up and running in a matter of minutes. There are no additional plugins required and no Java to deal with. Even if you have a lot of documents to upload you will be able to upload them in bulk or you can utilize the Drag&Drop feature to add specific files. The types of files do not matter. You will be able to upload everything in its original format and view it securely whenever you need to. Every single page that you upload will be indexed and you will be able to organize all of the information as you see fit. You will also be able to integrate iDeals with your CRM or email via API which will allow you to send the documents you need straight from the CRM or email to the data room.

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There are so many new threats popping up all the time that it can be hard to keep up. Fortunately, iDeals can help you stay one step ahead. While many other providers tend to focus mostly on external threats such as viruses and hacking, iDeals provides more of a comprehensive solution. By using iDeals, you are instilling policies of internal document management, which is one of the most important aspects of keeping all of your information secure according to an article in Reuters. If you store all of your documents and keep your communication inside the data room, you are virtually making it impossible for hackers or other unauthorized individuals to access your information.

Corporate espionage is on the rise nowadays, therefore you need to be constantly aware of everything that goes on inside the data room. In order to make this process simple, iDeals will produce comprehensive reports which contain information regarding which information each user accessed, for how long, what they searched for and any other actions that were performed. This will discourage any unauthorized activities since each user will know that every action can be traced back to them.

Internal security practices along with the VDR compliance with international information security standards ensure that your sensitive documents remain protected no matter what…


iDeals participated in the CEE M&A and PE forum on April 4th, 2019. This was a large event which centered around the lifecycle of capital. While there are many different stages an M&A deal is comprised of, each of these stages requires a lot of communication, document sharing, and security. Additionally, iDeals could also be found at the following forums this year:

  • Germany M&A Forum
  • China Private Equity & Venture Forum in Beijing
  • Nordic M&A and Equity Forum
  • MENA Mergers Forum in Dubai
  • CBonds M&A and PE Forum

Participation at such forums are a testament to the amount of trust iDeals has garnered globally. Industry leaders in a variety of verticals trust iDeals with handling their M&A transactions or any other type of deal they may have.

ideals virtual data room
ideals vdr
ideals virtual data room


iDeals offers an IOS and Android mobile apps that will make it easy to access the data room wherever your job takes you. Since so much business happens on the go these days, you need to have all of your information readily available and in a way that is convenient to use. The iDeals mobile app has an intuitive user interface and is just as secure as the desktop version. Since has been optimized for mobile screens, you will be able to perform the actions you need in fewer clicks and fewer motions.


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