iDeals Virtual Data Room

iDeals Virtual Data Room is a state of the art online data repository with a number of advanced capabilities. The secure, powerful, flexible yet intuitive platform is greatly appreciated due to its eight user access permission options, wonderful Microsoft Office integration with the ability to edit Excel files online, and highly powerful audit reporting capabilities. Plus, it offers a user-friendly multilingual interface and multi-language 24/7/365 customer service across all time zones. Needless to stress that unlike many similar VDR platforms, requiring people to download plug-ins or other software, iDeals brilliantly works on all web browsers, operating systems and devices with absolutely no plugins required. It is also fully compatible with iOS and Windows.

Designed to dramatically reduce transaction times and deal expenses, iDeals has become a full deal solution for private equity firms, investment bankers, financial advisors, venture capitalists, real estate firms, business brokers, as well as biotech and pharmaceutical companies, government contractors, and loan advisers.

To test drive all cutting edge features of this award-winning next-generation VDR, try its 30-day free trial.

Features Checklist

  • Document Security
    • 256-Bit SSL Encryption
    • Data Backup
    • Document Expiry
    • Dynamic Watermarks
    • ISO 27001 Certified
    • SOC 2 Certified
    • SSAE 16 Certified
    • Virus Scanning
  • Access Security
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Multiple Channel Verification
    • Permission Groups
    • Set User Permissions
    • Two-Factor Authentications
    • Single Project Login
  • User Interface
    • Branded Website
    • Bulk Uploads
    • Drag and Drop Files
    • Full Text Search
    • In Document Linking
    • Windows Explorer Integration
    • Scroll-Through Viewer
    • Q&A Section
  • Accessibility
    • iPad Application
    • Mobile Device Interface
    • Multi-Language Support
    • No Software Installation Required
  • Audit/Report
    • Audit Logs
    • Automatic Audit Reports
    • Notifications
    • Document Version Control

Product Reviews

  • Elad Levi, Manager, Head of Commercial Activities and BD, GBU, Netafim 30 Apr, 2018 13:59
    The platform was very comfortable and easy to use. I liked the feature of inviting people via the interface with security concerns taken care of as you can set the desired level of authorization. The best thing is that you can put users in groups - this was vital for us as there were several series of groups and each one of them was given different permissions from just view access and up to upload. It was easy to figure out these settings in the friendly interface. The platform is really a state-of-the-art thing. And believe me, I understand IT and iDeals VDR was really superb to use.
  • Justin Sirpilla, Manager, Corporate Development and M&A, Lippert Components 04 Feb, 2018 06:18
    I would say we've been a very satisfied customer. I definitely like the sidebar on the left, where we are able to jump easily between all the rooms we have. Actively there are 8-9 deals going at once. It's great when the core team can switch between those projects with ease.
  • Vivek Agarwal, Strategic Planning & Corporate Finance, Columbia Asia 01 Nov, 2017 16:31
    Been using this only recently and from limited use of uploading information on the folder on the desktop has been quite useful and fast.
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