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HighQ Dataroom

Eagan, USA

Year Founded:

Market Presence:
North America


HighQ is a choice of companies with a lot of data. These are banking,legal organizations, manufacturing, and government. The platform is suitable not only for management but also for the protection of documents. With this development, the business gets the opportunity to operate faster. There are now far fewer tasks falling on the shoulders of employees than before. This tempting offer attracts a variety of industries. Everyone gets quality solutions at a reasonable price.

The provider offers several options for purchasing a virtual data room.For example, some companies need the help of a platform to close one deal. In this case, they order a single-use VDR. Another option is multi-use (for concluding more than one transaction). No special software is required to install HighQ. All the major ones are suitable. By installing the application on your phone or tablet, you will have access to data wherever you are, regardless of the time. Security is in action on any device. Besides, you can upload bulk files right from your phone. As you can see, even when you are away from the office, you continue to be productive. By becoming a HighQ user, you become the owner of a multifunctional machine. Paperwork will not infuriate you. Now the virtual data room is responsible for this, not you. Channel your energies in a more rewarding direction.


Document management. All kinds of tools for creating and editing. The templates available save you the hassle of doing the same steps. Tools for communication within the platform keep colleagues in touch without using extra applications or devices. Everyone can comment on documents and leave remarks. HighQ Drive syncs data to your phone or tablet. The developer has automated all the processes. The user does not waste time on repetitive tasks. Managers control operations and transactions because they know about all the actions of colleagues and platform visitors.


In the HighQ virtual data room, users from different industries find innovative solutions to traditional problems. Legal organizations and courts are gaining a secure place to store confidential data. Here, even the most valuable securities can be stored and transferred without fear. This industry is one of the main customers of this supplier. Financial services companies adopt a responsible approach to choosing a provider. Dozens and even hundreds of operations a day require a high-quality tool that will not fail in any case. HighQ features enable workers in the industry to close deals professionally. They increase their credibility in the eyes of partners and guarantee the transparency of the operation. Enterprise and government also prefer this platform. The development team supports all these organizations. Securities, personal data of clients are always under the control of managers. The virtual data room will soon be a must-have.


HighQ offers solutions to facilitate litigation. With built-in artificial intelligence, you can get insights about legal organizations,judges, and more. It helps to build a strategy for doing business. Form Builder is a HighQ tool for designing forms. It is available to legal organizations. The function saves employees time because templates are created quickly and easily here. The preparation of documents is now as easy as ABC. Tools for creation and editing speed up the process. Therefore, you are ready with the necessary set of documents in no time. All of the mentioned above industries find useful solutions on the HighQ platform. Since the platform can offer security and ease of use, companies of all kinds do not miss the chance to experience it. The security issue is not a problem nowadays. Collaboration tools make it possible to speed up workflows.And their automation facilitates the most complex operations and transactions.