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ForData VDR

Poznan, Poland

Market Presence:
North America, Europe


FORDATA is a pioneering and, by the moment the leading VDR vendor in Poland. At the same time, it provides the high-quality services for the customers worldwide with the main focus on Central and Eastern European countries. Its virtual data rooms proved to come in handy during in-depth data investigation and due diligence, during sale transactions in real estate sector, IPO, private equity, and privatization deals.

A data room offered by FORDATA is a web application exploited for data storage and exchange under the precise control of FORDATA’s project manager and company’s administrator. As the room is accessible 24/7 worldwide and allows the concurrent presence of a multiple visitors M&A in general and due diligence, in particular, can be finished sooner and allow the room owners to save the considerable amount of time and financial resources.

The data uploaded to the room is protected from theft and misuse by multiple means such as encryption, two-step user verification process, dynamic watermarks. Also, the room administrator protects the data by imposing restrictions on the access: all the users get special permissions defining files and folders they can freely browse and work with. Real-time activity reports help to identify and monitor all the actions of all the users and can be used as evidence in a case of any possible misunderstanding between the project participants.

The set of advanced security features, the convenient and intuitive interface, access rights capabilities help FORDATA’s customers to manage their confidential data successfully and to communicate within convenient and protected environment during execution of deals, transactions, and various projects.