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ForData VDR


ForDatais currently the leading provider. The services of this data room are used allover the world. The service provider’s focus is on the countries of Central andEastern Europe. At this stage, we will not list all the operations that areeasier with the platform. But we can say with confidence that these are complexdeals. Information technology innovations are making positive changes inbusiness life.

ForDataadministrators and managers are the people who closely monitor the provision ofreliable storage for your data. Thanks to quality control, this web applicationis attracting so many customers. It’s available anytime, anywhere. In otherwords, your data is accessible to trusted persons at any time. Certain types oftasks require several people’s efforts, so you can use a function that allowssimultaneous work. The workflow is accelerated that way. All the complextransactions, which we mentioned above, now do not give executives hard times.They spend much less personal resources and allocate much less time. Two-stepverification, encryption, limited access protect the company from intruders,hackers, and other third parties. Tracking the actions of each employee is away to resolve possible misunderstandings without delays. Intuitive interface,data security, access control – it’s all about ForData. It is a defendedenvironment for your valuable data, colleagues, and partners.


The function set of each virtual data room is a hallmark of it. The benefit that these functions bring is its demand among customers. The benefits that the user of the ForData services receives are as follows:

  • protection beyond doubt;
  • managers’ control over each colleague’s action and step;
  • strengthening the authority and reputation of the company(the conclusion of transactions is under international standards);
  • providing them with comfortable working conditions; as aresult, increased efficiency of colleagues;
  • a reliable way to attract more partners and investors;
  • accelerated transaction process.


So we come to the functions that will help to decide whether this provider is suitable. Here you will not find any features that companies don’t use. Some developers stuff their invention to impress the buyer with quantity, not quality. Exploit the platform is as easy as ABC. User-friendly and clear.


Data access is available around the clock. Windows and Mac operating systems make the use of the virtual data room possible from any location. You have nothing but your smartphone now? Don’t worry. The platform is also available from this device.


Uploadfiles with drag and drop. It is convenient for the phone and other devices. Atthe stage of document uploading, you set access parameters. ForData supportsall formats. It doesn’t take long to upload lots of files at once. This featuremakes the process faster and easier. The search function helps you find thedocument you are looking for promptly.


Let’s check ForData use cases right here:

  1. Private equity. Venture capital. With the help of a virtual data room, the parties pass through the most principle stages of the transaction – the asset sale and fundraising. Businesses that have already closed deals applying the platform state it was smooth and efficient, without any typical failures.
  2. Mergers and acquisitions. The developers are aware of all the intricacies of this transaction. For that reason, they tried to create as many functions as possible to facilitate this complex operation.
  3. File exchange without any distraction. Security is not your trouble anymore. In terms of safety, the traditional data room is significantly inferior to the virtual one. Limited access and data encryption are the advantages of this groundbreaking invention.
  4. Due diligence. It was ForData that became a tool to digitize this transaction. That is a real convenience for all parties to the transaction.