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Toronto, Canada

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firmex virtual data room

Virtual data room provider Firmex began providing services backin 2006. At that time, executives around the world suffered fromdifficult-to-use tools. The fee demanded by the providers of such services wasoverpriced. It did not match the quality of the development. The Firmex creatorsdecided to eliminate all the shortcomings and create something trustworthy,easy to use, and affordable. That is how a revolutionary new business solutionwas born.

The first Firmex clients were those who desperately neededsecure data exchange on an ongoing basis. Today there are 120 thousand clientcompanies. They operate in 144 countries around the globe. All these numbersare a pretty good reason to suppose that the quality of Firmex services is highenough. The mediocre provider can only dream of that much trust. Every daythousands of securities transactions are carried out with the Firmex support.The challenge for the provider is not only safe storage but also the securityof data exchange during due diligence, litigation, and other serious transactions.Since this mission is like shooting fish in a barrel for the Firmex team, theclient base of this company grows. Check out the solutions this platformoffers. Browse the industries that turned to this virtual data room. Read userstories and weigh the pros and cons. Perhaps this is what you need.


A potential user must consider plenty of factors when choosing a provider. One of the most important is access to technical support when needed. More precisely, around the clock and even on weekends. Firmex experts work for the client regardless of the time. They assist you without days off and a lunch break. As soon as you face a problem concerning your virtual room, you get help and advice from a qualified specialist. Every guest invited to your data room also gets this privilege. User reviews frequently refer to this feature, emphasizing speed and quality.


Another factor by which one can judge the quality of VDRservices Рthe industries it assists. And in this aspect, Firmex issignificantly ahead of the competition. 

  • Investment banking. Security andintellectual property are at stake in this industry. Firmex successfullyhandles this issue, eliminating all potential risks and threats.
  • Law. Here safety alsoplays an important role. The customer data of such companies should be understrong protection.
  • Energy. Due diligence,project collaboration. Clients of this sector claim that the provider meets allthe requirements and expectations.
  • Pharmaceuticalindustry. Employees have fast access to data and value the easymanagement of information on the platform.
  • Private equity funds. This extensivenetwork has received strong technical support in the form of a virtual dataroom.

All these and many other industries rely on Firmex experienceand professionalism. This platform lives up to business expectations.


The solutions offered by the provider are versatile and always efficient. Complex financial transactions such as mergers and acquisitions are faster because the parties control everything. Managing due diligence is ten times easier.

Access control is a manager’s task, and confidentiality is under the provider’s supervision. Data leakage or corruption is impossible. Tracking in your virtual data room enables you to identify buyers or investors in time.

SOC 2 compliance ensures the exchange of the most sensitive information. At the same time, there are no risks inherent in cloud storage. During a request for quotation or bid management, users control the document flow and actions of each party in the virtual room. QandA module allows administrators and visitors to communicate conveniently. Restructuring, fundraising, clinical trials, and many other operations are under the umbrella of Firmex. The creators’ efforts and thoughtfulness have resulted in a tool for solving all the troublesome problems in the business world.