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The EthosData developers were inspired by the fact that they could not find a good data room to close the M&A deal. Professionals knew about business challenges from their own experience. That is the reason why this virtual data room will be a godsend for you. Here are the functions that make deals smooth and faster. You and your team will feel significant changes from the very first day of using the platform.

EthosData customers are not afraid of the difficulties that users of virtual data rooms sometimes face. Not all providers offer 24/7 technical support. EthosData doesn’t leave their clients in trouble. If necessary, you can call or message a team of professionals. They will immediately start solving your problem. Besides, the provider offers the opportunity to try the demo period. With this, your team will be able to check the quality of this product and make the right decision. Whatever industry turns to EthosData for help, they find unique solutions and get a safe environment. The process of making a deal is a task that always takes a lot of time and effort. Both parties should be confident in the transaction transparency and data security. Traditional storage provided relative security. EthosData virtual room is an innovative multifunctional tool for modern business.


EthosData is a steadfast repository for your data. It is protected by the most reliable means. Security is a thing of the past. Mergers and acquisitions. The consolidation process becomes less difficult. As you are free to manage and track a largeamount of data. Legal proceedings always deal with confidential information. Leakage can cause severe damage and other negative consequences. EthosData offers solutions for many other transactions. For example, hedge funds, due diligence, initial public offering. All the above transactions demand a careful approach and high-quality security. This provider will equip your company with everything you need.


The installation of a virtual data room does not need extra plugins or software. Managers can add new users or guests with a single click. Collaboration tools allow an unlimited number of people to work on a single document. The granting and control of access is under administrators’ control. If you need to restrict access to some of your colleagues or guests, you can do this at any time. The same goes for the uploaded file. If the user has already downloaded the document to their device, you can still restrict the ability to view, edit, etc.

The service level agreement, which is concluded between the client company and EthosData company, guarantees a high level of service. The waiting time for a response from the support team is no more than fifteen minutes. Experienced professionals find solutions to problems quickly and efficiently. You can brand your data room with a company logo. You don’t need to pay extra for this.


Banking organizations conduct hundreds of transactions every day and conclude plenty of transactions. With the EthosData virtual room, employees gain security and also ways to manage data. In cooperation with investors, this tool is also an indispensable assistant. Property management and insurance organizations are also clients of this application. In user feedback, you can see that employees are working faster and better. This is because the virtual assistant performs many tasks using automated processes. Infrastructure companies value the provider’s support and the ability to track the actions of staff, partners, investors. The real estate industry, for which document security is not less important than for banks, prefers EthosData. There is another significant advantage of this platform over others. They consider ease of management and the ability to watch all the actions. Companies around the world never regret their choice. Also, the developers are improving their brainchild non-stop, with no room for error.