Due diligence

What is due diligence?

Due diligence is the way of examining a company before entering a contract or financial agreement. The process is helpful during a merger and acquisition deal.

The due diligence analysis essentially involves studying a company using a checklist. It is to ensure there are no inconsistencies between the way the company presents itself and its actual condition. Here are the steps involved in the operation:

  • Conversations with employees and the board of directors
  • Visits to the locations
  • Review of customer lists
  • Condition investigation of the equipment/systems
  • Review all documents concerning debts
  • Review of past or recent claims.

An accountant or attorney is usually involved since they prove compliance with legal requirements.

If one company acquires another one without performing due diligence, hidden debt and financial problems can cause harm afterward.

The due diligence deal is a crucial step when:

  • purchase of one organization by another one,
  • conclusion of a big deal involving risks for any of the parties,
  • making a partnership agreement.

Due diligence in various industries


This type is the most common one and requires the vigilance of the parties. The procedure consists of checking the regulatory reporting, identifying unpaid debts the organization has, assessing the needs for financial resources.


Before making a deal, a company has to be sure of a few things. That refers to current and predictable performance, commercial viability and reputation, level of customer satisfaction, relevant market conditions at the time of purchase or cooperation agreement.

In this case, the idea of due diligence is to identify violations and risks that are relevant to the law. Among them are unresolved labor disputes within the target company, lawsuits (past, current, threatening), asset ownership valuation.


The increased focus on environmental issues has led to the emergence of another type of due diligence environmental. The target organization must go through an audit of its carbon footprint, that is, harmful emissions to the atmosphere, and compliance with international environmental standards.

Due diligence virtual data room advantages

This modern technology has become an indispensable tool. The software is easy to manage and is suitable for both transactions and ongoing use. Below we take a look at the list of benefits that the provider offers for the due diligence procedure.


The electronic platform is more reliable than traditional data repositories. The likelihood of technical errors or those mistakes that are due to the human factor is excluded. Administrators get a tool for access control and monitoring. Data operations are impossible without their permission. It reduces the likelihood of data leakage or use for personal gain.


The cumbersome course of the transaction can be further simplified by easy access to the due diligence virtual data room. There is no need to leave your office to sign a paper or review some documents. You just need to log in to do this. Mobile apps make the platform even more accessible. Parties keep in touch and solve problems no matter where they are. The service works around the clock. To be more precise, users are not limited either in time or in location.

Cost of virtual workspaces

There is a misconception that the due diligence data room is an expensive purchase. However, traditional storage is more costly for directors (besides, there are no security guarantees).

What determines the price for the data room due diligence?

  • How many accounts are necessary for a company
  • Storage capacity that would satisfy the requirements of the client company
  • Life of the contract with your provider

Less workload for directors

Consistency in keeping records and properly organized data management are always the main goals for companies. In particular, when they are in due diligence. Secure data exchange is also of great importance here. This procedure is impossible without paying attention to the smallest details and allocating sufficient resources and time. Virtual data rooms not only guarantee convenience but also take on many tasks. You do not have to organize folders and files, the provider and the program take on this task.

24/7 control

Although authorized users do not experience difficulties in operating on the platform, it is beyond the power of hackers and competitors. Developers have implemented high-tech mechanisms to protect data and login. The program notifies directors of suspicious activities on the platform with notifications and activity tracking reports.

Make sure you will get all of the above features before choosing your due diligence data rooms. Discuss the questions you are interested in with the vendor to avoid misunderstandings during cooperation in the future.

Stages of creating due diligence data room

Before you start operating on the platform, you need to take a few steps. Usually, a team of VDR experts assists clients in this. Then clients are free to ask for help at any time to get technical support.


Once the provider installs the software on the company’s devices, managers need to choose a document naming system. That is to make it easier to find files. For example, the name “contracts” is too general. Directors are encouraged to create a specific naming system that will help prevent getting lost in the bulk of the platform’s content.

Adding users

Some providers charge the platform for an unlimited number of users. In the due diligence data room, due diligence is not only a lot of documentation but also participants. Managers invite those involved, giving them a certain level of access (which depends on the tasks and position). It is not the end of managers’ opportunities. They can track each action on the platform.

Data download

The target organization creates a private virtual data room due diligence, where investors, buyers, lawyers use the information to check. The software automatically updates the content, so none of the colleagues are engaged in this task anymore. In this way, the other party receives relevant information at any time.

Setting deadlines and priorities

Addressing organizational issues is crucial in the due diligence process. You will agree on a sequence of actions with the partner and terms of completion. Another advantage of this step is the calculation of costs for the purchase.

To date, there is no alternative to the due diligence virtual data room. Other programs for storing and working with documents cannot provide an adequate level of security and ease of use. The developers offer data encryption. Thanks to this sophisticated algorithm, VDR customers never doubt the integrity of confidential documents. Multi-Step Authentication and role-based permissions keep third parties out of the platform and prevent authorized users from inappropriate actions for their purposes. Mobile apps empower everyone involved.

Traditional storage is about people and the human factor. Virtual data room due diligence is about a mechanized process where there is no one to make mistakes.

Making deals in the twentieth century is impossible without the use of modern technology. For those who strive for high-quality cooperation and good results, providers offer virtual spaces. By preferring regular file sharing, you gamble away too much.

Investors and buyers are always more willing to cooperate with those who keep up with the times and choose modern approaches.

Virtual data room due diligence is proof that you are ready to do your due diligence. Over and above, they can provide everything you need to work at a professional level.