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A Drooms VDR is a safe place to store data. Moreover, it is also a risk-free way to exchange files. About 20 thousand client companies are ready to prove reliability. These organizations are closing deals faster now. From this point on, paperwork is not your routine. Under the guidance of managers, the virtual room platform will do everything for you. It will streamline and protect data without your effort.

Transaction managers confirm the efficiency of using Drooms in the course of deal-making. They appreciate the convenience of features and usability. Last but not least, their companies’ reputation and authority among partners have grown. After all, business people strive to cooperate with responsible and competent people. The provider gives you a tool for doing business and confidence in development.

All operating systems support Drooms. Sometimes we have to work outside the office. We only have a phone at the disposal. But this option is also available with the Android and IOS OS. You can access your data and stay in touch with colleagues anywhere, anytime. In critical situations, you are always on the line to consult colleagues on any issue that arises. Data encryption, watermarks, and other security measures ensure that complex transactions are secure. Tracking activity is also crucial for any boss who wants to track the affairs of the company.


Choosing the right data room is about choosing a lot of modern solutions. Drooms have lots of awards for their quality of service. Safe storage of securities and exchange, limited access, the impossibility of data leakage. All these points make users turn to the Drooms team. They are looking for the following solutions:

  • due diligence (document examination,which takes time and efforts)
  • asset management (asset moving requires prompt document preparation; nobody wants to miss opportunities)
  • blockchain (innovative technology for concluding mergers and acquisitions)
  • digitization of data (the entire database that is in oneplace in a convenient format)


Almost all the business operations are about the responsible approach. Users are eager to receive a high level of transparency, fast processing, and transfer of data. Additionally, constant communication with colleagues and partners. Traditional data rooms cannot compete here. Here we come to the Drooms use cases. This virtual data room will support you in:

  • fundraising campaign
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • insolvency procedure
  • real estate transactions
  • initial public offering
  • restructuring
  • problem loans

According to the reviews, all these operations have become much easier to carry out. All stages of transactions and operations are fast and secure now. You are free to download lots of files in a few seconds. The intuitive interface does not delay work. In the operations mentioned above,people interact with each other. As you know, your partners and investors hate waiting around and get impatient. The technical support helps users to save their face and reputation.


Drooms cannot betray their users’ trust. They entrust the provider with security.Compliance with high standards and protocols guarantees the quality of virtual data room service. The General Data Protection Regulation controls personal information safety. Here we mean IP addresses, bank details, names, etc. All of these details cannot be in danger. There is also a penetration test. This regular check confirms that the virtual data room is working. Authentication takes place in several stages,using an SMS message and a pin code. That keeps third parties out of the way and reduces their chances. The IP Restriction feature ensures that your colleagues have access to the database. Nobody else. The provider has a disaster response plan. Your data will remain safe and sound whatever it takes.Any transfer of agreed data to a third country is impossible without the consent of the owner, namely you.