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Donnelley Financial Solutions

RR Donnelley’s Venue is a perfect workspace disregarding the type of the deal, project or industry requiring a virtual data room service. VDRs by RR Donnelley are equally suitable for due diligence, for fundraising, for communication with investors, for developing and managing document repositories. The need to store and exchange sensitive corporate data, to interact with partners located in geographically remote areas, to instantly discuss the large volume of documents force businessmen to look for secure and highly functional virtual venues.

RR Donnelley offers virtual environments capable of satisfying demands of the most meticulous customers. All the documents are encrypted, enhanced with dynamic watermarks and accessible only for those who have passed two-step verification procedure. To manage the information disclosure the room administrators can ascribe users to different permission groups and monitor their activity with the help of audit reports available on demand. Ease of use is guaranteed by the multilingual interface, full-text search feature, bulk uploads option and Q&A section.

Also, RR Donnelley developed mobile applications to provide users with an option of instant access to the data from any device at any moment. RR Donnelley knows that the businessmen care about their time and resources and expect the VDR to perform smoothly. To avoid any possible inconveniences or malfunctioning the company provides its customers with 24/7 qualified support – a team of experts is ready to assist the users and to facilitate the deal-making process.