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New Jersey, USA

Market Presence:
North America, Europe, South America

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Docsvault solves problems that are common to all companies. The modern business would not exist without innovative solutions offered by developers of virtual data rooms. Physical storage is becoming obsolete day after day. Businessmen have already felt the colossal advantages that the provider Docsvault possesses. Now tasks and paperwork are much easier to complete using the features and tools of the virtual data room.Moreover, it is cheaper. 

You can surf the sites of the provider for a long time, compare the characteristics, prices, etc. A more reliable way is to read and analyze reviews. Users are disinterested and therefore write the truth. Many clients find it difficult to list the cons of Docsvault. On the contrary, they often talk about ease of use and quality safety. They say that the virtual data room and the level of service delivery have exceeded even the highest expectations. Companies do not have to install additional software to set up Docsvault. Any software is suitable for this.

Access to the database is open around the clock. There are no business hours here. You can work not only in the office at your desk. You can use not only a corporate device. Both the directorand the ordinary employee become flexible in their work and are always available.


The technical support team is always ready to help in case of questions or problems. To do this, you need to go to the support page and fill out the form. There you enter your first name, last name, and email address. The clients usually indicate the priority of their application. Then you need to describe the essence of the problem. The more detailed you do that,the faster you will get professional help from experts. In the Knowledge base section, you can find frequently asked questions. You can also find answers there. Thus, you quickly find a solution to the problem.


Provider Docsvault prides itself on the number of features that have been built into the platform. Each of them has its purpose and facilitates the team’s work processes. There is nothing useless here.

  • Modern notification system. You won’t miss important events or updates. All changes for a specific file are available to anyone at anytime.
  • Managers receive activity reports. The report is created according to the selected criterion. It could be time, user, folder. Formanagers, this is a good opportunity to manage business and team.
  • Create and edit Microsoft Office documents right in Docsvault. Don’t leave the virtual data room for this.
  • Companies quite often deal with a specific type of document. This is where File Templates can save you time. By using a draft, you speed up the creation of a new template.
  • Mobile apps are free.
  • Electronic signature function.
  • Barcode Reader.


Docsvault is HR solutions. Safe communication and file management are crucial here. You can sort the data of employees by position, name, department in which they work. With built-in scanning, Docsvault users easily upload documentation to the database.

Healthcare needs protection. Patient personal data should not be at risk of leakage. The provider offers protection and management. A convenient search makes it easy to find them. Docsvault complies with the international HIPAA standard.

Manufacturing,technology, education, insurance, banking — all these industries and others find smart solutions at Docsvault.

Data backup protects companies in the event of unforeseen circumstances. To work from anywhere, customers do not pay extra and do not install other software.

Although data exchange is convenient and fast, even the most confidential documents will never fall into the hands of hackers. All the Docsvault clients appreciate it.After all, all the companies in the world want to be protected from hacker attacks and competitors.