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DocSend is a tool that provides the ability to exchange data without fear. You can do it anywhere and anytime. That does not affect the security of your documents. More than 13 thousand companies around the world use the services of this provider. More and more directors need this type of technical support daily. Observing the positive experience of VDR users, potential clients immediately want to join the ranks of successful managers.

DocSend is an easyway to manage your important data. Other users’ access can be limited or revoked whenever necessary. The embedded Outlook and Gmail systems simplify and speed up operations such as downloading and distributing files or links. The developers have done a fair amount of diligent work on the intuitive interface,into the bargain. To share pdf, ppt, gif files, the platform does not require additional applications to support these formats. The same goes for making changes to the document. Users are free to do that whenever they need or want.Even if you’ve already sent the file to the recipient, but you need to make changes, it’s never too late. The recipient will see a new version of the document. The list of DocSend virtual data room advantages could go on and on.Alternatively, customer reviews are there on the Internet to help you in making the decision.


Data rooms differ in their set of functions to one degree or another. What are DocSend providers ready to offer?To transmit several dozen files, you do not need to send each one separately.They can be sent with one click, using the link. It is a convenient way for you and the recipients. Tracking other users’ actions will help the manager to keep a breast of events. Customizing watermarks protects the company’s intellectual property. The document may contain the sender’s email address, company name,date, time. Superimpose digital watermarks on PDF files, presentations, Word documents, etc.

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Security is a priority for DocSend developers. If providers are unable to promise their customer data security,then they cannot count on widespread demand. Every year, the platform checked for SOC2 compliance. HTTPS / SSL ensures companies encrypted data transfer without danger or threats. The sender limits not only access to the document but also the time of use. As soon as the time is up, the file is automatically closed.Nobody can view or change it until the manager has resumed access. DocSend employees do not have the right to access your data. An exception is the need to maintain your account, or you need help in an emergency. But it is highly unlikely that the developers willview the company’s documents. Third parties only gain access to the data with permission. Your securities cannot be distributed or sold to outsiders. That is under the control of international standards.


A skilled, high-quality provider is capable of creating modern solutions that improve companies and teams. Handy tools speed up the fundraising process dramatically. As soon as a potential investor starts viewing your pitch deck, you’ll receive a notification. Workspaces are a modern solution for companies with a lot of data. Colleagues invited to this space can work with data. Furthermore, DocSend may become a convenient tool for interacting with clients. All of them will be able to keeptrack of all the changes that the managers of your company make. You may brand each of your workspaces to give your platform a more professional and expensive look. DocSend will also become a reliable assistant in protecting your intellectual property rights. Even after you send the file, you can change the access settings. And add watermarks to protect your copyrights. Let DocSend find a sensible solution for you too.