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Saint Paul, USA

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Datasite provider (founded by Merrill Corporation) deserves a place at the top of the best virtual data room ranking on the market. All the client companies get innovative and user-friendly solutions that make it easier to manage data, close deals, and collaborate with partners and investors. This tool is preferred by those who need a specially secure environment for exchanging and storing data. The reliability of the multilevel protection system is beyond any doubt.

An individual approach to the client provides a high level of service and assistance. First, all the requirements and wishes of a potential user are spelled out and taken into account. Then the professional team offers the most suitable virtual data room. This one matches all your requirements. The provider does not stop evolving and regularly improves its functions and capabilities. Dealmakers have got a tool at their disposal that saves time and resources. The platform supports the conclusion of a deal at all stages. As a result, the workflow is automated and accelerated. Developers are aware of the challenges that all business industries face. Fundamentally new ways of working with all types of data and ensuring security are the principles of the provider. Datasite virtual data room is a particularly powerful and groundbreaking weapon in mergers and acquisitions. Datasite is used in more than 70 countries around the world.


Regardlessof what industry you work in, the provider understands not only the specificsof work but also the importance of protecting your data. When it comes tosecurity, you can rely on the provider’s long-term experience, and the numberof deals made successfully. Datasite complies with international standards andcomplies with the GDPR & CCPA regulations. Another document that guaranteessecurity is the PrivacyShield Pact – principles that set out how companies cantransfer personal information of EU citizens to the United States. Theseprotocols are to ensure that data transfers comply with EU privacy laws.

The main functions of Datasite:

  • technical support isavailable regardless of the time of day or your location.
  • uploading data, you donot need to change the structure or size of the folder, with the help of thebulk move tool you significantly save time
  • real-time access controlprovides another advantage – the prevention of incidents related to thedatabase; change access settings at any time depending on your needs
  • thanks to opticalcharacter recognition, it does not matter what language the document is in
  • the intelligent dashboardhelps the user of the virtual data room to keep abreast of all events,effortlessly; use the function that will help you to filter the data you need
  • with the Q and A module,organize your company’s workflow in minutes
  •  smart tools automatically sort content, so allthe folders and files are in good order
  • a mobile platform createdfor your convenience.


Meets Requirements
Ease of Use
Ease of Setup
Quality of Support
Ease of Doing Business With
Ease of Admin

The mobile application

Datasite virtual data rooms users can use the mobile application. That is free of charge. Now you are free to solve all problems and questions from anywhere,even being abroad. Use a convenient interface. If you need to find a document,use the search function. As soon as you enter the name of the required file,you can open and view it on the screen of your device. The use of a virtual data room on the phone does not mean the absence of notifications about new activities and documents in the database. This feature is critical in order not to miss out on something important. The administrator can add or remove members as well as change their status. Mergers and acquisitions are a time-consuming and labor-intensive transaction. The ability to use data on your phone can speed up the deal making. Colleagues are always in touch, and data is at hand.