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Cambridge, United Kingdom

Market Presence:
North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Middle East, Oceania

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Clinked virtual data room

Clinked Virtual Data Rooms are known not only in the UK but around the world. It is available in 11 languages. The main goal of this developer is to supply the most reliable storage and digital rights management. For ten years of work, the provider has earned the trust of various industries. Today, companies are not ready to refuse from this virtual assistant, as it owns the tools for security and facilitation.

Clinked adheres to the principle of simplicity and security. Users do not need to take long-term courses to master the VDR. An intuitive interface is what attracts the client, no matter what program they are dealing with. Clinkareed also knows that, so your entire team can use this tool. Installation takes a few minutes. The package of functions depends on the client’s needs. The virtual data room may be changed according to the requirements of the company. The storage can be used not only on computer but also on other devices. IOS and Android support the platform on phones. You are free to work anywhere. Technical support is always in touch.Problems on the platform are easier to resolve when a team of highly skilled professionals is available to support at any time.Clinkedis appreciated for its high level of service, security, versatility. The provider tried to implement all the essentials for companies.


  • Communication tools. Stay connected 24/7 thanks to the mobile app. Group chats and private messaging. Notifications of all updates inthe virtual data room. 
  • Collaboration tools. These are not only chats but also comments, notes, remarks under documents. You can schedule a meeting or event.
  • Information sharing tools. On all devices. Before you download a document, you can preview it. Access to files is restricted. The virtual data room administrator controls access.
  • Tools for customizing workspaces. They turn into branded portalseasily.
  • Secure authentication at multiple levels.
  • Restriction by IP address.


Legal organizations turn to Clinked for information and security management tools. Encryption and other security measures protect customers’ data. Document management makes working with a large number of files and folders not so troublesome.

The same goes for insurance agencies, accounting. If these organizations fall into the hands of third parties, hackers, or competitors,they are doomed to fail. Therefore, providers of virtual data rooms are doing everything possible to ensure that customers avoid this fate.

The financial services industry, banking, investment are looking not only for storage but also for a tool for convenient work. A huge amount of data must be organized and easily accessible to trusted people.Without this, the operation of the enterprise will not bring good results.

Clinked is famous among many industries. Each of them finds in this virtual platform something that speeds up operations, groups colleagues, and guarantees absolute security.


Meets Requirements
Ease of Use
Ease of Setup
Quality of Support
Ease of Doing Business With
Ease of Admin


The provider allows each client to personalize workspaces. It makes the portals more recognizable for customers, partners, and investors. Logo, colors, design- you choose all these things. Branding is pleasing to the eye of your customers and also attracts new ones.

Sharing data is not a problem. Managers control the documents and everyone who has access to them. Nothing can happen unbeknownst to the executives.

Sometimes It becomes necessary to settle any issue outside the office. That happens even on weekends or out of business hours. There is always a way out. With a tablet or phone close at hand, you become a full-fledged user. You can derive much benefit from all the offered functions.

Business relations. Colleagues get in touch whenever they want. To make a decision, you don’t need to round up all the staff in one room. It is possible to discuss this issue on the platform or put it to a vote.