Citrix ShareFile

ShareFile VDR is a cloud-based data room appropriate for the deals executed by a variety of professional such as financial advisors, brokers, government contractors, biotech and biolicensing companies, real estate firms, private equity firms, etc. ShareFile virtual data room is equipped with multi-level security system: the data is encrypted, the documents contain dynamic watermarks that prevent unauthorized dissemination, the access is allowed only on a basis of two-step verification. The administrator sets user permission to prevent accidental disclosure of confidential data, decides on who will get view-only permissions and who will have a print access. Activity tracking function helps the administrator to monitor all the actions that take place in a VDR and manage file system according to the activity of certain users. Instant email alerts and notifications will keep the administrator updates about any views, downloads, alterations. Depending on the project needs customers can choose the relevant level of functionality and pay for the proper VDR model and still get the full package of the most crucial services such as bulk uploads, full-text search, 24/7 qualified support, etc. ShareFile VDR also provides a function of complete transaction archiving: after the deal is executed, the user can receive a complete backup of the VDR. Although ShareFile VDR might require some additional plug-ins, it remains highly protected, reliable and intuitive virtual venue for safe and convenient deal-making and data storage.

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