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Citrix ShareFile

Fort Lauderdale, USA

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North America, South America, Europe

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Choosing a suitable virtual data room, the company gets an unlimited number of possibilities. The Citrix provider presents these opportunities to everyone who strives for development and efficiency. The client base of this platform consists of almost half a million companies. This fact is proof of the high quality of the tool and service. Nowadays every team has a unique opportunity to focus on what matters.

Citrix intelligent workspaces save you time. After hundreds of tests, it was possible to make them guess all the actions a user is about to perform. The developers managed to achieve convenient data management. Moreover, they control the activities of staff with the help of this virtual assistant. So they can fix something in time or advise colleagues. Here you can also track potential bidders or investors. The directors know who to pay special attention to having this information.

If you analyze user reviews, you will see many satisfied customers. Some of them find it difficult to name the shortcomings of the tool. The most common notes are secure storage, reliable data exchange, and provider support. You are sure to make the right choice in favor of Citrix if you need all the things listed above. As you know, all industries, from small to large businesses, feel the need for these functions. You are no exception.


Sending even a large number of files is possible with a few clicks. Built-in Office provides you with a collaboration tool. The latest updated versions of documents are available to all users. If you need to get a signature from a partner during a deal, Citrix will make it easy. Now you will not go on a business trip for this purpose. You just need to share a link to this document. The partner does not have to own special programs or an account in the virtual data room. A web browser is enough. The signed document returns to the sender automatically. Technical support is available around the clock. Any device is suitable for using a virtual data room.

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Citrix is ​​a groundbreaking management solution. The administration has never been so easy. Even at a distance, workers and data are under supervision. Files and folders are available to some extent. Executives define the level of access for each employee or group. Two-Step Verification provides an extra layer of security. Citrix is ​​an innovative accounting solution. The data is secure and easy to manage. You can find the document you are looking for in a matter of seconds. For this, the developers have implemented a search function. File exchange is secure both within the platform and outside. Citrix is ​​an ingenious solution for the financial industry. The provider is FINRA compliant. Files are synchronized from the desktop. All colleagues and partners always deal with the latest version of the document. Citrix is a groundbreaking solution for HR. Paperwork is much easier to do. Users fill out forms online. Data exchange is independent of the limitations of the email client used.


The developers ensured the security of the virtual data room using the most reliable measures. Every action of every user cannot go unnoticed. Administrators see the name of a colleague, the operations performed, the time allotted for this. The function of watermarking is to impose special marks on a document that indicates a company or owner. Thus, copyright protection and data leakage prevention occur. No one and no program can remove such signs. Granular access to documents limits the group of people who are allowed to use the data. With the help of special reports, managers can see the most frequently visited files. Information about recently searched data is also available. As soon as any user or guest has uploaded something to the virtual data room, the manager is aware of this. Encryption of all types of data. Including those that are at rest.