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Brainloop Secure Dataroom

Munich, Germany

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Brainloop Secure Dataroom

Brainloop is a software-as-a-serviceprovider that is in high demand among companies. The provider is chosen bythose who prefer to work with reliable tools and get more professional.Regardless of the industry, Brainloop provides a full suite of functions tofacilitate work, close deals, exchange data, and more. This product has been onthe market for over twenty years. This fact proves the quality service and highdemand.

The company has subsidiaries in thebest European countries. That contributes to an increase in the number of customers.The thorough approach of a professional team to the development of softwareresulted in excellent data protection, ease of use, compliance withinternational standards that control the quality of information services. Sinceclient companies are no longer concerned with security and data protectionissues, they gain lots of time time to advance and expand their activities.Before you decide on Brainloop, the provider allows you to experience all thecomforts of this software through a free demo version. If you read the reviews,you will notice a tendency – customers value high data protection and ease ofusing the most. But these are not all the benefits that this provider is readyto suggest to you. Multifunctionality is essential in all types of devices andapplications. Here you will experience that to the full.

Use cases

There are multiple use cases for the platform. Look through the shortlist right now:

  • Mergers and acquisitions. Thistransaction is challenging and time-consuming, so a virtual data room here isan auxiliary tool.
  • Teamwork. Users are always eager forcohesion and want all the participants are aware of all the events.
  • Protection of intellectual propertyrights. Protected privacy is an essential aspect of running a successfulbusiness.
  • Convenient data management. As a result,the increased efficiency of each team member.
  • External licensing. The result ofscientific work is a deep dark secret.


As the experience of Brainloop customers has shown, thesafety this provider suggests is beyond doubt. Data security is relevant bothwithin the company and beyond its walls. By sending an extremely confidentialdocument, you have no reason to worry about its integrity and safety.Two-factor authentication prevents unauthorized persons from entering thedatabase. Multilevel encryption ensures that only trusted people can accessdata. To be more precise, the data is encrypted, and no matter what device youuse or where. Innovative technologies aimed at combating internet piracy arefurther proof of protection from intruders. Compliance with internationalstandards and adherence to the strict rules of information systems operationconvince clients of a high level of service provision. Awards andcertifications include Trusted Cloud Data Protection Profile, Security Audit,ISO / IEC 27001: 2013. Having them indicates that Brainloop does not risk thesafety of its customers under any circumstances.


As you may have noticed, some characteristics and reviews indicate a diligent provider. But there is one more point by which clients evaluate service. In particular, market coverage. If we are talking about the Brainloop virtual data room, then this parameter adds even more advantages to the provider. Let’s start with the financial industry. As everyone knows, they can’t do without reliable data protection. But still, lots of financial institutions entrusted this serious matter to the provider. The customer list also includes manufacturing and technology. In the healthcare industry, accuracy, reliability, and easy access to data are crucial. Among the clients of this sector are companies that are widely known. Legal organizations require the assurance of their clients’ personal information, as all of the beforementioned industries do. Since Brainloop does not make anybody feel doubts, it serves legal enterprises as well. The real estate industry also turns to this provider.