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BOX Virtual Data Room

Malvern, USA

Market Presence:
North America

Year Founded:


BOX virtual data room customers use this platform as a file-sharing tool. Besides, there are many more functions available to users. The company was founded in2005. Over the years, developers have learned to meet the needs of different industries. In the list of clients, you can see the names of corporations known throughout the world. The BOX team improves their product. They keep up with the development of modern technologies.

If you decide to get this VDR, you will feel all the benefits soon. To install it, you do not need to go anywhere and get distracted from your business. Installation is quick and easy. Your staff will not study thick textbooks or take lengthy courses. The interface is so simple that all your employees will be able to manage the portals immediately.

If we talk about the difference between BOX VDR and other offers, then it is necessary to mention the electronic signature. You make the most complex deals with in the office. Parties may be in different countries. In addition to the guaranteed protection, you do not spend money on business trips. The saved time and money are better to use in the interests of your company. Another feature is access to data wherever the user is. The customers use tablets, phones. All the functions are available, and security is at a high level.


Two-factor authentication helps ensure this security. Data leakage or hacking becomes less likely. The password is not enough for an attacker to gain access to the data. Watermarks prevent copyright breaches. The provider has implemented AES 256-bitencryption. AES was adopted by the US government and is currently used all over the world. Box Shield notifies you of potential threats. Thus, the administrator becomes aware of attempts to penetrate the platform by third parties. Activity tracking allows managers to prevent unwanted actions from employees. The data protection methods of this provider are beyond question.


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The list of BOX VDR clients is long enough to make you trust this service. Observing the user experience and progress worldwide, more and more companies want to get this virtual assistant. Among them are the media and entertainment. These organizations keep a great deal of data. Protection by automated mechanisms is the most reliable way. Education, technology, trade use the provider’s tools, ensuring comfortable work every day. Energy and government also did not miss the chance to facilitate the deal-making and all the business operations. All the organizations mentioned above have opted for a virtual data room over traditional physical storage. After all, there is not just storage but also a set of valuable functions essential for all the industries worldwide. It is thanks to them that each team can work faster and, thus, more efficiently. They say that the portal helps to bring products/services to the market and find investors.


  • Here you can familiarize yourself with the products offered by the BOX VDR provider.
  • Admin Console. Managers control the security of data and the level of access of other users. All processes in the company are also monitored. It provides information on file sharing, changes, and more.
  • Box Drive. Working with documents is available right on your desktop.
  • Box Notes. Every employee of the company is aware of all events thanks to this function. As soon as the manager has scheduled a meeting, all its participants will instantly know about it. The program sends notifications to all devices. Even those who are not in the office right now will know about the up coming meeting or the problem that has arisen.
  • Box Key Safe. You control the encryption keys. If suspicious activity is detected, you can restrict access to data.
  • Compliance. Provider complies with California Consumer Privacy Act and General Data Protection Regulation.