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Stockholm, Sweden

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Aversureis a data exchange platform that performs more functions. Users have no difficulty in management. Companies turn to a provider for support. They want to make deals easier. Data protection falls under the responsibility of the provider. The company is under the aegis of Aversure throughout the entire transaction process. The developers have applied the most reliable ways to prevent hacker attacks and any third party interference. Access to virtual workspaces is always open.

Most users do not need training. The interface is so simple that it’s intuitive.Partners and investors, getting into the virtual data room, feel like confident users. Managers decide who can see and what being on the platform. If necessary, the manager can restrict or open access to a specific file or folder. The SSL cryptographic protocol assures visitors that the input of personal data issecure.  The protocol consists of several layers. The first one is the TCP transport protocol, which provides packet formation and direct transmission of data. The second one is the secure SSL Record Protocol.For secure data transmission, these two layers are mandatory, forming a kind of SSL core. That is where other layers are subsequently superimposed. Aversure is not picky about browsers. All browsers are compatible with this platform. All users receive notifications about new documents on the platform or updates.


Built-inQ&A makes communication and collaboration between colleagues possible without leaving the virtual data rooms. Here you can ask a colleague a question at any time and get an answer right away. You can download all content in the form of an Excel document. The search function works for all files on the platform. Scanned ones are no exception. Watermarking is protecting your copyright. This mark will not interfere with readability butwill prevent the document from being used for personal gain. Managers of companies know who, why, and when. Thanks to regular reports that provide detailed information, you are never in the dark.


The level of security is almost the most important for the user of virtual data rooms. The Aversure supplier assumes responsibility for protecting all documents that belong to clients. The developers applied the most modern approaches and methods of protection. They took into account the techniques of professional hackers. To download the file, you need to log in. That is,unauthorized guests can’t download organization documents. Those who work on the platform know that they are under the supervision of the managers all the time. Aversure has provided for cases of data leaks associated with unscrupulous employees. Therefore, in real-time, administrators can watch every step of each employee. The authorization of a specific user in the system does not mean their access to all content. To put it briefly, without the consent of the managers, no one can access the necessary data on their own.


The platform offers solutions for anyone dealing with large amounts of data. During a due diligence transaction, all parties involved devote a lot of time and effort to paperwork. The platform takes on many tasks. For example, you no longer need to worry about the security of sensitive data. Built-in functions automatically organize all uploaded documents. Anyone who needs it can find the folder or file they need in seconds. To do this, they enter the filename or key word.

By purchasing virtual data rooms, companies gain more trust from investors and increase their credibility in the eyes of partners. It is better to work with organizations that offer transparent cooperation and perfect organization.Accessing data at any time of the day from any device is a new step inbusiness. That helps to resolve urgent issues while away from the office.Communication tools are a way to connect with colleagues while on the platform.