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Sydney, Australia

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North America, Europe, Asia

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Ansarada Virtual Room is the invention of an experienced and IT-savvy team. The main goal of the development team was to help mergers and acquisitions. The number of deals made with this provider is hard to count. That is evidence that the platform satisfies both sides of the process. For potential bidders, Ansarada is an easy way to view data. For Ansarada owners, it is a powerful document preparation machine.

You can study several conclusions about this provider based on user feedback. Most often, they emphasize an intuitive interface. The seasoned developers managed to look at the tool asan average user, including an inexperienced one. That is how they managed to simplify data management.

The support team is customer-oriented and perform their duties with flying colors. Since the service is open 24/7, there are no technical difficulties that could ambush the customers. Staff training is swift and smooth. Your company is free to choose any convenient way of the course.That may be a webinar, personal class, or online.

Managers must keep track of company-related activities. If a provider offers that kind of feature, thenthis data room is one step ahead. It helps to predict the outcome of operations and analyze the current performance. Organizations track a potential bidder’s activity with equal success. In short, Ansarada’s mission is to develop your potential.


The advantages of Ansarada over other providers are:

  • Intuitive design. This advantage will appeal to both experienced users and newbies.
  • Security guarantee. A tool for self-deleting files even out of the virtual data room. It is one of the significant advantages of the provider.
  • Unlimited data upload at no extra charge. The same goes for inviting guests to the platform.
  • Sync of data with Google Drive and other cloud storage. Moreover, you can transfer data using the drag and drop function.
  • Questions and answers module. Ability to leave a comment on any document.


The virtual data room functions are open to the user at any time and work smoothly. The platform supports all document formats. That is why there is no need to install more plugins. Automatic file numbering sorts out folders so that it is impossible to get confused. The search engine by name also works. The drag and drop function handles large downloads. All types of organizations deal with this operation daily.

Virtual data room owners may impose different restrictions on file. Access control is possible both immediately after you create a file and even after you send that. It can be viewing and nothing more.You can superimpose dynamic watermarks on any document. They will not interfere with readability but ensure copyright protection. Ansarada is functional on the phone at full. Managers receive an activity report by email. They can customize how often to receive this letter.

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Companies from different industries meet their needs with the platform.

  • Clinical trials. To carry out such operations, you must have storage with a high level of protection. 
  • Due diligence. As mentioned, Ansarada provides convenient tools for this transaction.
  • Fundraising. In this matter, looking for potential participants is crucial and takes lots of time. The provider helps to cope with it.
  • IPO. Compliance with international standards and communication tools will facilitate the process.
  • Procurement management. Control over the flow of documents and bidders.
  • Trial. There is data that should not fall into the hands of third parties. Ansarada is both a way to protect information and a tool to manage it.

All the beforementioned industries may suffer severe losses in case of a data breach. With Ansarada’s guarantees, companies can focus on more vital issues. For example, business expansion and search for investors. Even these issues are faster with the use of virtual data rooms.